When you’re running a business, you want to invest in opportunities that will allow the business to thrive. But the bottom line is, well, your bottom line.

There are a lot of great reasons to implement scent marketing in your business. Increased sales and linger time, expanded brand recognition, and improved customer experience all sound great. But to get started you need an idea of what factors effect the cost of a system.

The truth is, there is no simple answer to the question of how much a scent marketing system will cost. 

It depends on a variety of factors that are unique to each business. A fun and totally free consultation with a scent marketing specialist will give you the most complete information on what system and fragrances will be impactful for your business.

To help get you started, we’ll shed some light on what factors effect the cost of a ScentAir system. Then we’ll dig into the ROI you can expect to gain from your system that will offset the cost.

The Systems

ScentAir offers 3 main system types that address the needs of businesses. Each has its own specifications that optimize fragrance diffusion in a variety of building configurations. During your consultation, your scent marketing specialist will help you identify which of these systems will be optimal for the space your business occupies—and help you reach your business objectives.

ScentAir Breeze

The ScentAir Breeze® scent delivery system is a great entry level system for creating ambient scent environments. The system covers up to 2,000 sq. ft. and uses easy to install scent cartridges that come in thousands of fragrance options. Scent delivery duration and intensity are customizable. You can easily adjust the system to your preferences and the needs of your business.


The ScentDirect® delivery system is designed to maximize the efficiency of scent delivery. This system covers your medium sized target areas with more, totally customizable, intensity. Fragrance oil cartridges are easy to replace. The ScentDirect uses advanced patented atomization technology with for consistent fragrance delivery.

ScentStream Connect

Our most advanced system, the ScentStream® Connect is the only cloud-connected smart scent management solution that offers your business enterprise-class tools, directly from any Internet-connected device. Working through advanced diffusion technology, fragrance is released into existing heating and air conditioning ventilation systems creating long-lasting ambient scent in large-scale environments.

Building the Plan That’s Right for Your Business

If you thought choosing a scent marketing system would be as simple as choosing A, B, or C, this is where the process can get more complicated.

You don’t carry an umbrella only to use it in the sunshine. As with many things in business (and life), a scent marketing system is most effective when you strategically implement and deploy it.  

Depending on the size and shape of your building, opting for a combination of systems may be the right choice to ensure that you’re able to reach your business objectives. We also see clients mixing and matching systems to create custom experiences in different parts of their building.

During your consultation, your scent marketing specialist will help you to identify any potential bottlenecks in your space and assess your overall goals. With details about your needs in mind, your scent marketing specialist will be able to recommend customized options.

Scent Branding Level: Expert

Many of our clients have absorbed their fragrance as part of their brand. Their scent is as much a part of their brand identity as their logo, color scheme, or mascot.

Now imagine being able to give customers a piece of your brand. And not just a can koozie or notepad that will get shoved in the back of a cabinet. Imagine being able to send your customers home with your fragrance.

Since memories related to scent are resistant to time and more easily recalled, having a way for customers to bring your branded scent into their home is a great opportunity to keep your brand top of mind.

We’ve created ScentSticks to meet the needs of clients who want to capitalize on their branded scent. ScentSticks are portable, attractive and easy to share or sell on site. Many clients use ScentSticks around their business, driving customer interest in the product and branded scent.

Adding ScentSticks to your regular service will increase your overall scent marketing cost. But how you use them in your business—for professional use on site, to give away, or to sell—will determine your overall cost. No matter how you use them, the returns are immense.    

And speaking of returns—

What About ROI?

We’re all business people here, and ultimately, we need to be able to see a return on investment. Your returns justify (and fund) your marketing efforts. So what kind of ROI can you expect from a ScentAir scent marketing system?


Our retail clients see marked improvement in their retail sales. Client reported data revealed an 11% daily increase in retail store sales.

For a store that averages $5,000 in daily sales, that comes out to an ROI of $550 per day, $16,500 per month, and $198,000 per year.

*Data collected over 6 months from a casino client in Nevada.

Food Service

While it might surprise those outside the food service industry, we work with hundreds of food service clients. Client reported data shows that a strategically chosen scent caused an 8% improvement of food quality satisfaction scores—without making any changes to the food served.

Taking into account potential additional revenue per customer and possible word of mouth that would drive new customers to the business, this 8% uptick in food quality satisfaction could bring in up to $250,000 in yearly ROI.

*Data collected over 2 years from an international food service client. To preserve data integrity, no changes were made to the food served within the establishment.

General Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers lead to a great reputation. Managing your brand’s reputation is a little bit easier with a scent marketing system. Client reported data shows a 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores.

Depending on the business, a 20% increase in customer satisfaction could result in significant additional monthly revenue.

*Data collected over 2 years from an international resort client.

Our goal is to help you create lasting impressions and a strong connection with your customers. ScentAir scent marketing systems can help you reach your branding and marketing objective, but the service is not one size fits all.

The best and most effective scent marketing services are a result of a strong partnership between the scent marketing service provider and the client. And it all starts with an open conversation detailing your needs.

Get the conversation started by filling out our Business Inquiry form and let us help you create a tailored scent marketing plan for your business.

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